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Anaya Fernando

Anaya Fernando is a teen entrepreneur, best-selling author, and international speaker with a passion for fashion, beauty, and all things uber cute. Anaya is the CEO of Sugar Sweet Bath + Body Treats, which specializes in natural self-care products. She is also the host of the Young CEO Lounge Podcast. Outside of business, Anaya is a high school student an avid dancer, and a lover of tennis. She also volunteers in her community several times of the year.

Jakayla Green
Jasiya "Jojo" Green

I am the founder and CEO of BeYou+T Cosmetics, a vegan skincare line. My mission is to empower girls to shine from within while also teaching why and how to use non-toxic beauty products for self-care needs. I am the author of Shining from Within: A 30 Day Devotional for Tweens and Teens. I am also the CEO & Founder of Jojo's PersonaliTV.

Jasmine Jones

Jones is a graduate of North Carolina State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Fashion and Textile Management. Jones is the founder and CEO of #ThePrimplifePlan and currently works as a Social Entrepreneur. Based on her Prudential Community Award-winning book, How To Primp Life: The Prim and Proper Guide for Young Ladies, a self-help guide for young girls that she co-authored at the age of 16. Jones plans to make her vision come to life to help increase the confidence of the next generation of young women through an influential character and female super heroine of color named #Primpgirl. As founder, Jones implements the vision and direction of this company. The Primplife Plan is her dream and commitment to helping young girls of color succeed and increase their confidence to contribute positive change to society. 

Zoe Oli
Mikaela Sydney Smith

Brown Girl Magic was created by 16-year-old  Mikaela when she was 12 after creating Mikaela’s “Crazy Knee Socks for a Cause” campaign to collect socks for kids in need during the winter season.

Mikaela was inspired after reading the book, "Chicken Soup for the Preteen Soul" and just like the heroic teens outlined in the book, Mikaela decided to extend her charitable services to brown girls like herself and develop a conference to empower and charge all brown girls to realize their inner magic to make a difference in their communities.

Mikaela was once an actress and being a brown girl with natural hair and curves, she has witnessed firsthand at her young age, the negativity resulting from mainstream not valuing her beauty inside and out. Still Mikaela strives to make a difference and plans to take the world by storm by holding a conference like she did in 2017 and inviting her Brown Girl Magic Ambassadors from across the globe to join her on a day filled with inspiration from powerful speakers

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